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I will not be posting homework on this website this year.  We will use Google Classroom in each class.  All assignments will be posted there daily.  

Needed Supplies  

Earbuds that will be used daily

Large binder with looseleaf paper

Large package of graphing paper

pencils and a few colored pencils

scientific calculator (example: TI 30X 11S, Casio FX 115MS, FX - 300 ES, FX - 115ESt)(Just look for the fraction button)

Geometry students also need to get a compass and protractor. 

$3.00 donation 

Google Classroom Codes and Schedules  

Please sign into your chrome book or any device connected to the internet.  Download the Google Classroom App.  Here are the codes.  

Geometry Foundations  10B f6e0mlv

Geometry Foundations 10C tc4o7u

Algebra 2 with Trig Honors 11A ngjah9c

Algebra 1 Honors   9A 57jhnx

Geometry Honors  10A xtg9b

ACT Prep 80o2jry