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Semester Exam Schedule & Exemption Policy
Posted On:
Tuesday, November 27, 2018

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2018-2019 Mid-Year Semester Exam Policy


Semester exams will be given for core classes only.
In order to exempt, a student must have an "A" average with three or less total absences or a "B" average with two or less total absences.
If a student has five or more tardies to a class for the semester, then they are not eligible to exempt that class semester exam.
Any student that has been suspended out of school or sent to PASS is ineligible to exempt any semester exams. 
A student may exempt two semester exams per semester but may not exempt the same exam both semesters.
Seniors may exempt all exams that they are eligible to exempt for the second semester exams only.
Please see the attached PDF document beside "Related Files" to access the exam schedule. 
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